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We are registered commercial Electricians in Auckland

We provide our services in Auckland Central, North Shore, West Auckland and South Auckland

Sports Lighting

Sports Floodlighting Installation and Maintenance

Sports Floodlighting Installation and Maintenance 

 With a vast array of HID Floodlights, Lamps and Control Gear components becoming obsolete, it makes sense to use a Company that has the knowledge and expertise to provide the most reliable outcome in terms of continued performance and longevity.

Arrow Lighting and Electrical has over 30 years’ experience in lighting maintenance, repairs, installation and LED upgrades. We have the skill and experience needed to deliver and maintain these services to all sports venues – big or small.

Turnkey Project Solutions

Arrow Lighting & Electrical are happy to provide turnkey project solutions for all lighting projects.

This includes:

  • Initial consultation

  • Professional lighting design and product specification

  • Procurement and installation of specified products

Examples of such are:

 - Working with two different Floodlight Suppliers - upgrade from HID to new LED floodlights and poles at Clevedon Tennis Club, and a complete from scratch full turnkey installation at Dunholme Tennis Club in Remuera which had no existing lighting of cabling infastructure.

 - Working with specialist floodlight suppliers and pole manufactures to retrofit private tennis court lighting with difficult access in suburban Auckland. This required the old and rusting steel poles to be removed and replaced with new black-gloss designer circular poles. This installation went from eight 400 Watt gas discharge Lights to 8 x 196W LED fittings with much less spill light.

LED Floodlighting

LED Lighting is a major lighting breakthrough that not only provides substantial energy savings but also gives very long, maintenance-free life with sustained light levels.

Conventional high intensity discharge (HID) floodlighting Lamps depreciate in light output over their lives, which are measured in thousands of hours. LEDs, on the other hand, last for tens of thousands of hours and, with excellent lumen maintenance and much less light wasted as spill-light and other inefficiencies.

LED Lighting also delivers full output as soon as it is switched on, giving instant full brightness. HID lights take time to warm up and, unlike some LEDs, cannot be dimmed and have to be replaced regularly as their lighting output diminishes with age. While being more costly at the outset, LED saves on maintenance and re-lamping costs, making it the lowest cost Floodlighting over its rated lifetime.



Repairs and Maintenance​

With older Floodlighting systems there is an inevitable requirement for maintenance. Not only do Lamps need replacing but also Control Gear items such as Ignitors, Ballasts and Capacitors can fail and being outdoors, rust and other corrosion can be problematic. Arrow Lighting & Electrical staff are well-versed in Control Gear and Lamp maintenance and are backed up by office staff proficient and knowledgeable in matters Floodlighting.

The Office maintains a database of available components and Lamp characteristics and works with the leading Suppliers of Lamps and Control gear and can identify and source the required parts quickly.

On site, Arrow staff are trained to respect playing surfaces when using Access Equipment. The Staff use support pads under Cherry-picker outreach arms to prevent damage to Court surfaces and also have current Elevated Work Platform (EWP) licences for your added peace of mind.

Should any electrical faults occur, Arrow takes pride in rectifying them and restoring floodlighting to full operation as soon as possible. Tennis pro Josh Constantine of Mt Eden Tennis Club says “Arrow inherited our problematic Floodlighting system and proceeded to rectify a number of issues we were having. They got suppliers to free-issue their failed components at one point, and nowadays our Members enjoy good evening Tennis as a result.”

Arrow Lighting & Electrical will get your Floodlights up and running and keep them that way!

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